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Serena Bartolini
CFO & Founder

University student, in a never-ending conflict: between realism and the hardest materialism of building engineering and the constant search of aestheticism of liberalism in architecture. Serena Bartolini is made of a civil war constantly evolving. For this reasons she does the dirty work, she mixes fantasy and reality, checking our artists’ works and scouting new staff for Green Moon Artists.
The sweet girl is hated by most of the Green Moon group/band during reviews, but she is loved before and later. She can be sunny and optimistic but without losing touch with reality, turning her comments in “solid gold”.
She loves above all Italian comics and Dilan Dog, or at least the memory of the “Old Boy”. She could be unreachable in the evening because of her illness: Tv series, but she could wake up in the dead of night to answer you back.
In this case, try to soften her up a little with Rock Music and you’ll see that she will restart to love you!
Ladies and Gentleman It’s my pleasure to introduce to you a Green Moon Artists’ founding member: Seeereeeenaaaa Baaaarrrtoooliiiiniiii!