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Marco Grandinetti
CEO & Founder

Graduated in Civil Engineering, professional Basketball Player, piano player from the tender age of 5, player of Magic and Bridge (at least, I’m tryin’), company manager of Cus Cosenza Basket.

Relentless dreamer. He takes his first steps in the world of comics very young, lover of all genres, from American to French Graphic Novels, but with a particular liking for the Fantasy genre.

A lover of writing, he gives birth, together with his sweet loving half, to his first-born Crimp. Founder of Green Moon Artists, the mind behind Green Moon, if something goes wrong… it’s his fault, if something goes right it’s his fault too! If something happens at all it’s his fault, if something does not happen at all it’s his fault! Ladies and Gentlemen, The Boss Marcooooo Grandinettiiiiiiii!!!