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Month: November 2016

Graduated in Civil Engineering, professional Basketball Player, piano player from the tender age of 5, player of Magic and Bridge (at least, I’m tryin’), company manager of Cus Cosenza Basket. Relentless dreamer. He takes his first steps in the world of comics very young, lover of all genres, from American to French Graphic Novels, but

University student, in a never-ending conflict: between realism and the hardest materialism of building engineering and the constant search of aestheticism of liberalism in architecture. Serena Bartolini is made of a civil war constantly evolving. For this reasons she does the dirty work, she mixes fantasy and reality, checking our artists’ works and scouting new

A traveler soul, always looking for new horizons. Passionate about photography, every moment she tries to capture the perfect shot, the shade of color that win the heart and eyes. She loves her vinyl collection and shows proudly masterpieces of the artists that accompained most significant moments of her Messy Life. The word that best

Hello, everybody, my name is Francesco! I remember, when I was drawing in kindergarten superheroes on each sheet on my watch and I’d always in my backpack a comic-book series that I treated as if they were my treasure (a little like Gollum). You know, it’s always been my dream to become a cartoonist. It

  My name is Davide Mirabello, I’m a super duper man about twenty, I was born and I grow up in Vibo Valentia (Calabria). I hold a degree in Modern Letters, I’m a journalist and I’m working with “Il Quotidiano del Sud”, “Fumettologica”, “Radio Bombay”, “Moveorama” and sometimes with many others websites and webzine like

I was born, against my will, on a cold day in 1980 in Cosenza Since I was a little boy, I’ve always written bizarre, grotesque and obscene stories. I grew up with comic books like Popeye, Geppo il diavolo buono and Diabolik. Then I discovered Tiziano Sclavi’s Dylan Dog and my love for comics and

Konnichiwa to everyone! I’m DaruJP, fantasy is my passion and comics my desease, i’d be happy to present to you this fantastic world! J Follow our blog, you won’t regret it!

Hi guys! I’m Mirko42 and I’m going to take you on a journey through history of comics. Few words about me: I love culture and pop culture but… don’t call me Nerd! My favorite quote is:” the only people who inveigh against escape are jailers”. J.R.R.Tolkien