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Welcome to the Green Moon Artists' world, please, fasten your seat belts, check out the rubber duckies under the seats and brace yourselves for the (mental) takeoff. This page is mostly reserved for those who have a strong sense of humour, an inch of craziness but above all an unrestrained passion for comics, graphic novels and works of the same kind. Enjoy the ride, Assholes.

Meet our team

The founders of Green Moon Artists are Professionals characterized by a limitless spark of craziness, for more information just click on the Images or call the FBI.

Founder of Green Moon Artists


Graduated in Civil Engineering, professional Basketball Player, piano player from the tender age of 5, player of Magic and Bridge (at least, I’m tryin’), company manager of Cus Cosenza Basket.
Relentless dreamer. He takes his first steps in the world of comics very young, lover of all genres, from American to French Graphic Novels, but with a particular liking for the Fantasy genre.
A lover of writing, he gives birth, together with his sweet loving half, to his first-born Crimp. Founder of Green Moon Artists, the mind behind Green Moon, if something goes wrong… it’s his fault, if something goes right it’s his fault too! If something happens at all it’s his fault, if something does not happen at all it’s his fault! Ladies and Gentlemen, The Boss Marcooooo Grandinettiiiiiiii!!!

Founder of Green Moon Artists


Student of Engineering and professional Player (her second mother is the Blizzard), she gets closer to comics for the first time at the tender age of 6, pushed by her passion and by her two older brothers, collectors of all things related to the genre. Lover of Italian comics and a fierce reader of Dylan Dog (her first, real love), she develops a never banal writing technique, one that is able to make each and every one of her works spicy and explosive exactly like the Coca Cola + Mentos combination. Her Reviews… solid gold, her Rating UNDISPUTED, Founder of Green Moon Artist… Ladies and Gentlemen SEEEEERENAAAAA BARTOLINIIIIIIII!!!!

Founder of Green Moon Artists


“Understood” Genius of the Green Moon house, driving force of WEB Marketing, he first approaches the Online word at a very tender age, like a God among mortals. His best friend is his computer, which he always brings along with him, with his firearms too. Capable of stealing Obama’s sextape and ordering nuclear missile launches from Putin’s bathroom, he starts his adventure with the keyboard by managing a whoppin’ 18 websites simultaneously. It is without a doubt the best publicity that any opera can hope to get. He gets found by Green Moon’s bosses because of the passions they share with him, Piano and Comics… Ladies and Gentlemen, He Is The “Serial Downloader”… Simoooneeeeee Roooogatoooooo!!!